Favorite products

As moms we forget to take care of ourselves. I mean who is with me on that?! All excuses aside, I used to put my self last all the time after my first was born. It's just something we do. We can't help it it's just everyone else's needs come before ours. It's our motherly instincts ladies! After my second babe was born I realized I had really let myself go and I wasn't using any of my favorite things anymore, heck I didn't even know what my favorite things were anymore. I knew I needed to make a change at least a small one and go from there so what do we do best ladies?! We shop and we use Amazon like our lives and wallets depend on it! So here are some of my favorite products I can't live without to make myself HAPPY and a PRIORITY! You will also find my favorite things I love to use around my home and all things for my babes!!



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