Fudge brownie trifle

Published on 9 February 2023 at 21:06


1 box of chocolate pudding mix(follow the instructions on back)

one box of brownie mix(again follow instructions on back

3 containers of cool whip

A candy or fruit topping of your choice. I do Reese's on ours! 

A trifle bowl or a deep rectangle baking dish 



make your pudding mix and follow directions on box. When done set aside and let cool. Make your brownies and again follow directions and ingredients on back of box allow to cool after baking. Once the brownies are cool, break them into about one inch little squares. Take your trifle bowl and now it's time to layer! First layer is brownie pieces, pudding, cool whip and then repeat! Decorate the top with whatever candy or fruit you are using! Put in the fridge until you are ready to serve it! Enjoy! 

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